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“For me, an exceptional listing realtor has the following: 1. Thorough understanding of the local market and the neighborhoods 2. Anticipates the client’s needs and then delivers 3. Is responsive and 4. Makes the transaction smooth as possible while respecting the client’s needs. Amanda Pohlman and her team at Keller Williams did that wonderfully and has been the best listing agent, by far, among the four that I’ve used to sell my homes. She was the listing agent when I originally bought my Shaker Heights house. I liked her then and love her even way more the second time. From start of list to closing, the process took only 7 weeks. Full asking price offer with 20% down within 2.5 days. Inspection contingencies were very few and reasonable. But beyond the transaction, Amanda is genuinely a wonderful, caring, ethical person who just wants to help people. I never felt like she was driven by getting her commission. And she went beyond the realms of a realtor so many times during this time that I consider her a darn good friend.

1. Amanda knows Shaker Heights inside, outside and upside down. She memorizes the houses –ones on the market and even ones off and could easily compare & contrast each one to my house to help me set the right expectations. It’s spooky but awesome. She knew my house was atypical for Shaker (a squat 1960s Colonial) but correctly reassured me that with the improvements we made, it would sell well (and it did!). She knows the City procedures, rules and people. She personally went to the City office to drop off the inspection application (other realtors don’t do that). She was instrumental in having my house be immediately POS Compliant, saving me a lot of money and hassle.

2. Amanda can spot the potential issues that could hold back a sale or make the transaction problematic and provides actionable feedback and pragmatic solutions that are tailored perfectly for the people & situation. Examples: When I bought the house, we got stuck on a minor negotiation. Amanda offered that I just call the seller directly, cutting out the “whisper down the lane”. Issue resolved quickly & happily. With the most recent sale: Within two hours of telling me she was going to post on Nextdoor to ask for moving boxes so I could continue decluttering, she texted me saying she will be dropping off 25 boxes the next day and she did. I didn’t have time to get boxes on my own.

3. Amanda is accessible almost all the time and her team is efficient, organized and communicates well. I asked for booties to be placed by the front door for showings. A bin of them with a nice sign requesting booties be used is by the door. I text Amanda a question. She replies with the answer or when she will provide me the answer if she’s busy at the moment. I ask for confirmation of buyers’ signing a document, and her assistant follows up immediately with agent. She runs an excellent team!

4. Amanda & her team made the entire selling process short and sweet. She recommended a price that was close to ave. $/sft for an above-average quality home because she knew we valued a quick sale (and after all the closing costs, we still did better than we thought we would do). She predicted that my house would get an offer that first weekend and it did. She told me what to expect with the City POS inspection. The house was deemed compliant immediately. When the buyers wanted a structural engineer to inspect part of the house outside the contracted time frame, Amanda successfully leveraged the contract terms to secure removal of all remaining contingencies as she predicted correctly the engineer would find nothing.

Select Amanda Pohlman and her team. If you listen to her, you won’t go wrong. Also, she will listen to you. I wasn’t happy with the MLS description she wrote so I gave lots of feedback on that and she incorporated it in the improved revision. She offers great marketing support, including direct line to her sales team on her “for sale” signs (rather than to generic brokerage office), many high quality photos, virtual tours of your home, enhanced listings on major real estate sites. Also, I must commend Keller Williams & their title company who made the closing very easy for me, since I moved to California by the closing date. “

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